Sunday, 20 May 2012

TipTopSwiss 141:366

Today was Museumstag in Switzerland, a day on which entrance to many museums is free. 
So Famille Stevens went to the Naturmuseum in Winterthur. The associated Coin Museum was also free for the day but we didn't have time unfortunately as there was too much to see in the Naturmuseum. We participated in a talk on bears - in German (I was very proud of myself for managing to understand most of it and translate it for the boys when they got lost!) and saw lots of stuffed animals, an exhibition on pets in Switzerland, lots of fossils and types of stones. We also went into a part that was like a ship with cargo exhibits in packing cases from around the world - the floor moved so you felt like you were on a ship. Most disorientating!

un musée - a muséum
accès gratuit - free entry
un ours - a bear
un navire - a ship

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