Sunday, 14 October 2012

TipTopSwiss 288:366

Today I have lived in Switzerland for a year. In that year, I have run my first two half marathons; ridden a chair lift for the first time (a huge achievement); tobogganed down a mountain; sledged in snow; learned to speak German (I can communicate) and started to understand some Swiss German (an ongoing process!); eaten Heisse Marroni (delicious);  learned to love running uphill and found out that running downhill is actually worse; got a Swiss driving license but not actually used it; been admitted to hospital for the first time in my life (apart from having the boys); set my hair on fire (swiftly put out!); travelled all over the place on trains, trams, buses and other public transport - plus the very odd Mobility car; learned to decide which way to run based on wind direction and which farmer has manured his fields that day; experienced Swiss running races - sometimes elbows fly, sometimes you're offered hot soup as you run and often there are people 'donging' large bells or blowing Alpine horns to encourage you; attended the wedding of our neighbours and been a constant cause of concern for some of the other inhabitants of the block who worry about me running so much. And much more.
And I have been calm and climbed mountains too ;o)

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