Sunday, 18 March 2012

TipTopSwiss 78:366

Drinks today!

The Halden Krone is John's (although he's prefer Feldschlössen - see here ) and the Rivella is Isaac's. He is a big fan, prefering Rivella Rot, Blau (low calorie) and Gelb (energy) to Rivella Grün (green tea).
The Süessmost was Jude's but he doesn't like fizzy drinks (das Getränk mit Kohhlensäure) - so I drank that. He prefers Apfelsaft - ohne Kohlensäure!

Today's helpful phrase!
To be drunk - betrunken sein oder blau sein (thanks to A flavour of German for that!) - bsoffe, en Chaib ha, Oel am Huet

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