Monday, 16 April 2012

TipTopSwiss 107:366

Heute ist Sechseläuten oder Sächsilüüte, a holiday in Zürich. You can find out all about it hereäuten but basically it's a festival at which Handwerkers and their Zunfte or guilds parade. It culminates with the burning of a snowman on a pyre called the Böögg or bogey. The rate at which the head (packed with fireworks) explodes is supposed to indicate what sort of summer we'll have - the shorter, the warmer! The shortest time is just over 5 minutes, but in 2008 it took over 20 minutes.
This year it was decided that the explosion took place at 12:08 although most of the head exploded before that. You can watch it on the video here  to see (my video won't upload!)

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