Saturday, 28 April 2012

TipTopSwiss 119:366

This is quite a personal one today. This is my badge for the conference I attended this weekend in Geneva - the first time I've been identified as 'Lisa Stevens - Switzerland'.
It felt a little odd to not have UK on my badge but also rather exciting. I felt rather responsible about not letting down my adpted country though! And I had an inspiring, though provoking and throughly great time.
Merci beaucoup Genève :o)

And as an aside, today I started the day speaking French, then English, some Spanish, a tiny bit of Catalan then more English and some German, more French befoer boarding the train and being drawn into conversation with the lady opposite me. She noticed my book and  we spoke English from Lausanne to Fribourg before switching to German from Fribourg to Bern where she got off. No wonder I was tired when I got home!!

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