Wednesday, 18 April 2012

TipTopSwiss 109:366

Today I joined Winterthur library. It's taken me this long as I bought books with me, I got more for Christmas and most importantly I've been making use of the ISW library (and there are some gems in there!). Additionally, you have to pay to join the Stadtbibliothek. And also to borrow books. This is a bit alien to me coming from the UK where libraries are free. However it makes me appreciate how much I've benefited over the years from the service, and that's before I consider my boys! And it also made me consider whether 8CHF for a ticket and 50CHFidiot s year if borrowing is very much when you consider that books are expensive here, particularly English ones. I reckon I could buy 3 possibly 4 books for that much. And I had a voucher from my welcome bundle that, to my delight, knocked 20CHF off the bill!
I look forward to further investigation!

La bibliothèque - the library
Des livres - some books

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