Tuesday, 17 January 2012

TipTopSwiss 17:366

The reduit was getting a bit full of bottles and cans so today I put them all in my trusty pink shopping trolley and tootled off to Migros (plastic bottles) then to the Sammelstelle to dispose of the bottles and cans.

So today I recycled
PET Getränkeflaschen - PET drinks bottles
NonPET Flaschen - bottles that aren't PET
Grünglas (Weinflaschen) - Green glass (wine bottles)
Braunglas (Bierflaschen) - Brown glass (beer bottles)
Weissglas (Marmeladeglas und Tomatesosseglas) - white glass (jam jars and tomato pasta sauce bottles)
Aluminiumdosen - aluminium cans

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