Wednesday, 18 January 2012

TipTopSwiss 18:366

'Let's go for a walk.'
"Not up Goldenberg!"

This is the opening of any conversation involving walking or running in our house. Goldenberg is the nearest hill to us here, although Breite and Bruderhaus are quite near too and offer a similar challenge! And it is a mega hill. Very very steep. However, once ascended, the view is beautiful and it's well worth the effort. I've yet to manage to keep running all the way to the top but I'm working on it. This photo shows the steps approach - you can't see all the steps and the top isn't in view although the building in the extreme top right hand corner is nearly at the top. Today I went up to read my book and admire the view in the sunshine.

Goldenberg of course means Golden Mountain - der Berg is the mountain and der Hügel or Hoger is the hill. Der See is a lake (NB die See is the sea), der fluss is a river and das Wasserfall or Schträäzär or Wasserschodlär is a waterfall. More geography terms in German can be found here!

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