Monday, 30 January 2012

TipTopSwiss 30:366

I've been in all day as I have an ill little boy so this wasn't taken today but is a photograph I took for such an eventuality. This escalator is very helpful as it clearly indicates where you should stand if you don't want to move (feet together on the right) and where you can expect people to give you room if you want to walk up / down the escalator (one foot on each stair on the right) Might seem obvious to 'natives' but for someone who has just moved here, it's very helpful to ensure I fit in - and don't get trampled!

Today's German is related to this - 
links  - left
rechts / rächts - right
(apparently if you're herding animals, you say hüst for right and hot for left in Swiss German!)
der Bahnhof - the station
der Hauptbahnhof (HBf) / HB - the mains station
die Rolltreppe - the escalator

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