Sunday, 22 January 2012

TipTopSwiss 22:366

I've just read a book called Switzerland for beginners. Written in 1962 by George Mikes and updated in 1975, it is very amusing and, despite its age, much of it still seems to ring true.

My favourite section is as below. In discussing that "the most terrifying and off putting of all Swiss virtues is cleanliness" Mikes says -
"This problem has, however, its glorious side, too. The Swiss have, in fact, solved the perennial question which has troubled philosophers throughout the centuries: What is the aim of life? The answer the Swiss give to this question is simple, original and convincing: The aim of life is to make your door-handle shine."
Hence today's picture! Not sure my door handle - mein Türgriff - shines enough though we do have a rather nice doormat - eine schöne Fussmatte

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