Sunday, 12 February 2012

TipTopSwiss 43:366

This is a very interesting book I purchased last week. Very helpful as it has three sections allowing me to look up words in English, German or Swiss German, depending on which I happen to know!
Not all the words are used around here - I tried some out on my friend Monika and she said she used different words for some of the ones I pointed out. That's the thing with Swiss German - there are lots of different ways of saying things depending on where you are!

Sadly my Büechli doesn't tell me the word in Swiss German for an earthquake but in German it's ein Erdbeben. As I live in Winterthur I wasn't scared - verängstigt or duuch - because das Hause wackelte nur ein wenig - the house only wobbled a bit! In Swiss German my Büechli suggests giigaagälä or gnappä instead of wackeln.
Glad I wasn't in Zürich or Zug!