Wednesday, 22 February 2012

TipTopSwiss 53:366

Today at Deutschkurs we talked about sending and receiving letters and packages at the PostOffice or die Post so I thought we'd have a postbox or ein Briefkasten today. As in Spain, postboxes in Switzerland are yellow.
To post a letter to England you must buy eine Briefmarke (same in Swiss German) or stamp and it will cost you 1.30CHF or 1.40CHF. Our homework was to look at  and work out how much it would cost to send a variety of things to places around the work. 

We also learned that a small parcel - ein kleines Paket - is called ein Päckchen or Päckli. 
 Words that end -chen in German are diminutives ie a little something, and in Swiss German they use -li for the same purpose.
zum Bespiel -
ein Brot bread- ein Brötchen a roll - Büürli/ Weggli

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